Long Beach Employment Lawyers

While the vast majority of employers strive to treat their employees fairly,

changes in both California state and federal labor laws can make it difficult to

keep up with employment regulations. Fortunately, a Long Beach employment

lawyer can help advise both employers and employees about how employment

laws apply to them and answer any questions they may have about taking action

against labor violations.


Advising and Representing Employers

Even though California employment laws are very lenient about why employees

can be dismissed from their jobs, employers may need advice on firing or laying

off employees who are considered part of a protected class. Some employers

may also need representation in court if they are sued for wrongful termination,

or other perceived violations, even though they may have done everything legally

when they dismissed people from their employment.

Employers need to be cautious when offering employment, especially those that

are under contract, such as management personnel. A Long Beach employment

lawyer can draw up employment contracts so that language doesn’t violate any

employment laws and makes the obligations of both the employer and employee

clear so there are no misunderstandings. He or she can also advise an employer

if there are questions about the terms of employment and help them avoid legal

action if at all possible.

Advising and Representing Employees

There may be times when an employee of a company feels they have been

discriminated against or they may have questions about the legality of an

employer’s practices in the workplace. Even though under California law

employers can dismiss workers from their employment for almost any reason,

they cannot do anything to violate federal and state discrimination laws.

Under federal law, people cannot be discriminated against because of their:



Sex, which includes pregnancy, child birth and other related conditions

Natural Origin




Citizenship status

Genetic Information

To these classes, California law goes further and adds:

Marital Status

Sexual Orientation and Identity

AIDS/HIV status

Medical Condition

Political activities and affiliation

Military or Veteran status

Status as a victim of stalking, domestic assault or violence

An experienced Long Beach employment lawyer on our staff can advise

employees who feel that they have been illegally dismissed or discriminated

against while on the job. He or she can help advise them about which laws may

have been violated and discuss their options for seeking compensation if they

have been dismissed or rectifying the matter if they are still on the job.

Employment Law Matters

Along with issues of discrimination, both employees and employers can seek

advice or representation regarding other areas of employment law, including:

Sexual Harassment


Whistleblower Claims

Right to Privacy

Wage and Hour Violations

Overtime Pay/Exemptions

Independent Contractor Misclassifications

Trade Secret Disputes

Non-Competition Covenants

These employment matters are taken very seriously and our firm will thoroughly

investigate all matters dealing with possible violations of employment law

involving our clients. It can be a time consuming process, especially if there is no

way to prove an employee’s allegations. It can be difficult to prove a case when it

is an employee’s word against their employer, unless their co-workers are willing

to come forward to substantiate allegations. Even then, litigation may not be the

best option.

A Long Beach employment lawyer at our firm can also help employers avoid

litigation on these matters as well. They can advise them how to avoid violations

or disputes if they have questions about following federal and state labor laws.

Changes in the laws can cause confusion at times, but we can help answer any

questions about employment laws and help employers avoid violations.

Whether you’re an employee that needs advice about possible violations or an

employer trying to make sure your workplace practices are lawful, our firm can

advise employers how to avoid violations or help former or current employees

seek compensation if they have a case against their employer.

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